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The Spear Of Tyranny- by Grant Jeffrey & Angela Hunt


Adrian Romulus- charismatic world leader has brought peace to the Middle East but is in fact a powerful agent of evil. Can his close confidante and new Christian, Isaac Ben-David, thwart his plans for destruction?

Evil ruler Adrian Romulus has achieved what no other world leader could: the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and her Arab neighbours and the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. Romulus seems to have the world's political matters firmly in control, but underneath his powerful facade is an evil madman bent on destruction. When Isaac-Ben (one of Romulus' inner circle and a new believer in Christ) learns the truth, can he stop Romulus from destroying the world?

It seems like a dream come true.

Especially to a world ravaged by war and exhausted by drought. Especially to a society grown fearful from widespread crime and mystified by mass disappearances and unprovoked animal attacks. .. .And especially to a young Israeli couple devastated by their own, very personal loss, and unable to reach out to each other in their private pain.

After centuries of war and decades of crime, the prospect of international harmony is tantalizing the tiny nation of Israel. After millennia of waiting, the prospect of a rebuilt Temple on Jerusalem's holy mount seems a miraculous gift. And to Israeli Major Isaac Ben-David, disillusioned by loss and hungry for meaning, the opportunity to work for peace is all but irresistible.

Isaac's opportunity lies with Adrian Romulus the president of the European Union Council of Ministers. He's a charismatic, visionary world leader with a workable plan for solving the world's problems. Tall, handsome, and deeply spiritual, he is also personally interested in the nation of Israel. Everyone agrees he's a man who can bring peace to a troubled world,!  But why do thoughts of Romulus trouble Isaac's wife, Sarah, an Israeli security officer?


How can Romulus know Isaac and Sarah's most private secrets?

And why is he so obsessed with an ancient spearhead in an Austrian museum?

Just who is Adrian Romulus, anyway?

And what are his plans for Isaac Ben-Davidóand the world?


Grant R. Jeffrey is the author of the #1 bestseller The Millennium Meltdown, as well as The Signature of God, The Mysterious Bible Codes, Armageddon, Flee the Darkness (with Angela Hunt), and numerous other books. He has done extensive research in prophecy, history, and archaeology with his wife. Kaye. he founded Frontier Research, a ministry that proclaims a warning of judgment to the world and a message of hope to the church.

Award-winning novelist Angela Elwell Hunt is author of the popular series The Keepers of the Ring, Legacies of the Ancient River. The Heirs of Cahira O'Connor; and the co-author of Flee the Darkness.  Angela is also the author of the best-selling The Tale of Three Trees and The Rise of Babylon  (with Charles Dyer). Her second novel with Grant R Jeffrey, By Dawns Early Light, won the 2000 Christy Award for futuristic fiction.

Paperback Cover- 322 Pages

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