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Index Of Watchtower Errors- by David A. Reed


Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses, and just how different are their beliefs and practices from those of the orthodox Christian faith? Answers to these questions have not been easy to discover. Steven Huntoon and John Cornell recognized the problem and have compiled this essential tool, a catalogue of hundreds of teachings, for serious study of this movement. David A. Reed has organized these teachings chronologically so the reader can get a sense of the doctrinal schizophrenia of the group from 1879 to 1989. A second index organizes by subject.

Index of Watchtower Errors summarizes from their own writings what leaders have taught as scripture-like authority in hundreds of publications. For over 110 years this organization, which claims to be "God's mouthpiece," has made prophetic statements that never came true. Its history is punctuated with doctrinal shifts, policy reversals, claims that directly contradict the Bible, and statements that seem patently absurd.

David A. Reed publishes Comments from the Friends, & quarterly on Jehovah's Witness activities, and The Gospel Truth, on cults. )ohn Cornell operates the New York branch of Alpha and Omega Ministries. Steve Huntoon has a cassette tape ministry on cult-related topics.

Paperback Cover- 138 Pages

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