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Prophecy/ Future Events

Hurtling Toward Oblivion- by Richard A Swenson, M.D.


Dr. Swenson's book will help us to get in touch with the age we are living in and with what we can do to better prepare ourselves and our loved ones, not only to survive, but to minister to others.  "Swenson build's his case solely on the basis of undeniable trends operative in the world today.  The challenge is for Christians to live in such a way that this approaching end is good news, not bad news."

If something is going down on our generational shift, it is our responsibility to confront it.  And if the evidence outlined here is valid, then it deserves to be circulated- no matter how controversial or discomforting.

If our global Titanic is nearing a cosmic iceberg, personally I want to know.  If the world system is rushing toward collapse, truth matters.  If the time for sipping tea on the veranda is over, then lets move on to the things that matter most.

Paperback Cover- 139 Pages

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