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Spiritual Growth

7 Secrets To Spiritual Success- by Woodrow Kroll


Through life-long study and personal experience, renowned Back to the Bible expositor Dr. Woodrow "Wood" Kroll has uncovered seven incomparable "secrets" that comprise a Scriptural road map for experiencing joy, confidence, and success in your spiritual life. With no-nonsense, contemporary examples, Kroll explores the territory around:

  • secret #1: check for vital signs. 
  • secret #2: develop intimacy with god. 
  • secret #3: establish good growth habits. 
  • secret #4: enlist superior help. 
  • secret #5: manage temptation. 
  • secret #6: retake strongholds. 
  • secret #7: keep your eye on the goal.

Kroll encourages all believers to know that they already possess everything they need to be a spiritual success. They have only to reach for and apply it.

The Christian life is a journey that begins I with spiritual infancy and progresses, ideally, to spiritual maturity. For many, though, the fruits of maturity—or spiritual success— elusive, and reserved for a saintly few.  This doesn't have to be the case, says  internationally known Bible teacher Woodrow  Kroll. God has made spiritual success available to every believer through seven key "secrets" in His Word. The secrets show how to: 

  • Develop a thirst for God. 
  • Enlist help on the journey. 
  • Learn to manage temptation.

Dr. Kroll defines spiritual success  as "living a life that is truly meaningful, a life that truly pleas es God now and anticipates a 'well done' when our life is examined and rewarded." Using these 7 Secrets to Spirit Success will result in both victory at the end of  the journey and joy along the way.



"I so respect and admire Woodrow Kroll and his faithfulness to our God and His Word. Because of this, I want to know what God has taught him about the secrets to spiritual success... even as Timothy was encouraged by the apostle Paul to remember the things he had taught and modelled before him. "

KAY ARTHUR, Precept Ministries International


"From Woodrow Kroll's ministry, you can't help but learn new truth and be motivated to put it to work in your life. "

WARREN W. WIERSBE, author and conference speaker


"This book reminds us that, if we accept God's definition, success is open to us all. "

DR. ERWIN W. LUTZER- senior pastor, The Moody Church


"Kroll's book is a true biblical oasis for all those who thirst to be successful Cod's way. "

DR. JOE JORDAN -executive director, Word of Life fellowship. Inc.


"A masterpiece of spiritual insight!"

DR. ED HINDSON- dean of Biblical Studies, Liberty University


DR. WOODROW (WOOD) KROLL is  president and senior Bible teacher for Back  to the Bible, a radio broadcast ministry, reaching up to 80 percent of the world  every day in nineteen languages. Dr. Kroll's incisive teaching of the Word keeps him in demand as a speaker all over the world.  The acclaimed author of numerous* books and a producer of Bible teaching teaching videocassettes, he makes his home with his wife, Linda, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Hardback Cover- 184 Pages

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