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The Joy Of Belonging- by Woodrow Kroll


Discovering Who You Are In Christ

"In God's creation man was last, but it was not a position of shame. It was a place of honour. Our creation was not an afterthought; it was the capstone, the crown of God's creative efforts. . . . The fact that God reserved man's creation to the end should indicate to us just how important this final touch was to Him. You were created significant."

God did not create us to be independent. Surprised? Don't be. We were never made to fully function apart from Him. In fact, human beings draw their meaning and significance from their connection to God. Through the pages of this book by Woodrow Kroll, you'll discover the joy of belonging to and depending on Jesus, and you'll uncover the path to the inner peace and satisfaction you've been craving.

  • The Basis for Significance
  • The Casualty of Rebellion
  • The Search for a Substitute
  • The Triumph of Restoration
  • The Outcome of a New Creation
  • The Expression of a New Identity 
  • The Call to Sainthood
  • The Privileges of Sonship
  • The Promise of an Inheritance
  • The Company of the Committed
  • Responding to New Leadership
  • New Strategies for Living
  • The Progress of a Pilgrim

Woodrow Kroll is the General Director and Bible Teacher for Back to the Bible. For ten years he served as the president of Practical Bible College in Binghamton, New York. He has written more than a dozen books and is a popular speaker at such conferences as The Cove, Bibletown and Word of Life. Dr. Kroll and his wife, Linda, reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Paperback Cover- 211 Pages

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