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Choices- by Mary Farrar


The Outcome Is Critical.  The Choices are Up To You.

The options women face are critically important.  So prepare yourself for the decisions ahead.  And learn how to make Choices that will make a difference in the lives of those you care about most.

Opportunities for women abound in our society.  For many of us, decisions regarding career, family, and personal growth are difficult to make.  Deep inside, we want to align ourselves with God's priorities.  Yet knowing God's will isn't always easy , as a wide variety of priorities vie for our time and emotional energy.  Despite the confusion, you can take steps to help further God's plan for your life.

"I entered a time of struggle that went deeper than postpartum blues or the need to get out of the house.... I was finding the gap between the home and the outside world to be far greater than I had ever imagined. In a feminised world how do we view our role as women?  How does a woman reconcile the issue of work and gifts within a culture where the role of the home has so drastically changed?  What is a woman to do with the call of God to co-parent her children when most men- and many women- have so little time to parent?  What about the biblical teaching of submission in light of the need of a woman to be her own person? And what about the value of a woman's input in the church and society at large?  "Traditional" roles weren't working anymore and the answers of feminism fell short of our innermost needs. We needed a new path based on the timeless truths of God's eternal Word...we were asking the all important question: What does it mean to be a biblical woman in the days in which we live?... I have found that God is the "God who is there."  God still speaks to His women who seek after Him.  He has not left us in the lurch.  He understands us.  And He has provided a way through." 

Hardback Cover- 281 Pages

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