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Prophecy/ Future Events

Beginning Of The End- by John Hagee


The world was stunned and saddened when Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was cruelly and coldheartedly struck down by an assassin's bullet.  Rabin, a patriot and warrior for his nation's freedom, became a martyr for his nation's peace.  "Peace! Peace!" is not just the desire of the war- weary people of Israel, it is a prophecy that the Bible makes for the last days.  In this hard- hitting, timely, and insightful book, Dr. John Hagee will help you understand the assassination of Rabin and how it fits into the events prophesied centuries ago that are recorded in the Bible.

What does the assassination reveal about how far along we are on the prophetic timetable?
Are we the "terminal generation"- the last to live before the second coming of Jesus Christ?
When the Antichrist attempts to secure peace for Israel, will he succeed? What will he be like?
What does the Bible say about the forthcoming meeting between the great pretender of peace- the Antichrist, and the Prince of Peace- Jesus Christ?
What is the future of Jerusalem as long foretold events are now coming to pass?

The answers to all these questions and more are yours in Beginning of the End.

Paperback Cover- 196 Pages

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