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Gentle Persuasion- by Joseph C. Aldrich


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

Evangelism is one of those subjects that many of us try to avoid.  Perhaps we fear that if we go out "like sheep among wolves" then we will end up as a wolf's dinner.  The temptation is simply to give up and leave it all to the professionals; forget trying to reach those we know and wait instead for our church to run a mission, complete with a "proper" evangelist.

"Didn't Jesus say something about loving our neighbours? Not evangelising them, mind you but loving  them.  In fact nowhere in Scripture are we told to evangelise our neighbours.

Gentle Persuasion is not a book about evangelistic techniques and tactics.  Instead, it is about living as a Christian in the world so that people begin to ask questions.  It is about being a friend to those around you, loving people until they ask you why.

Paperback Cover- 247 pages

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