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The Christian Communicator's Handbook- by Dr. Tom Nash


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

You can become a more effective communicator.  Nothing is more important.

Think of all the really important things that depend on communication.  You can't win a convert or a wife without communicating.  We know the Lord only because He communicated with us.  Even our worship is a form of communication.

How good are you at communicating?  Is there room for improvement?  That's not a fair question.  Unless you are in a situation where you regularly get accurate feedback, you don't know how well you communicate.  What would it be like if you were a better communicator?

Imagine! People would be more interested in what you say.  They would understand you better.  More lives could be changed.  Your family life would be enriched.  You would have fewer disagreements.  Your prayer life would improve.  You might even earn more. 

You can greatly increase your effectiveness by using simple communication principles, most of which are found in the Bible.  But there is a catch.  You must first understand the principles, then habitually apply them to your life.  That's what this book will help you do.   

Hardback Cover- 299 Pages

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