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Pressure Points- by Gary J. Oliver and H. Norman Wright


 "When I was a little girl I learned that anger was the forbidden emotion..."

With a halting voice and misty eyes, Janet continued. "Nice girls don't get angry-they get along!" This stereotype, and many more, is directly challenged in Pressure Points. Where women and anger are concerned, under reacting can be as destructive as overreacting. Maybe more so. A view of healthy, capable, and caring womanhood emerges from the comments of women like you who are pushed to the limit even day by life's demands.

It is not just life's demands that make women angry. Dr. Oliver and Dr. Wright show you ways to become more aware of the emotions that provoke your anger. This book helps you confront not only the outward circumstances and expressions of anger, but also the underlying issues. How you perceive, interpret, and respond to life's demands are decisions you make. Pressure Points will guide you toward refreshing choices based on new ways to think about yourself, your anger, and your response to life's demands.

Why are we so afraid to talk about what a gift anger can be'? Without properly directed anger (over my own lack of discipline), I would never hare found the strength to write twenty books while raising four children. Without mighty indignation. I would never have become an advocate for the survivors of child sexual abuse. Without anger. I would never have learned to hate my own spiritual ennui enough to overcome it with intentional growth. Without wrath over my  own hidden deceits, subtle lies, and a thousand kinds of personal dissemblings, I would never hare come to love truth, to seek it, and to speak it forth. Auger, when employed righteously, is one of God's greatest gifts.

Karen Mains- The Chapel of the Air, Author of  Stranger to Myself No More

Most of us look at anger as sin. This book has helped me to realize that anger is a godly emotion, Gary J. Oliver and H. Norman Wright provide wisdom concerning and insight into the positive and negative aspects of anger. I have personally been set free from the guilt I experience when I feel anger and have learned through this book the scriptural and practical application of dealing with anger. I highly recommend Pressure Points.

Jan Dravecky- co-author of When You Can't Come Back

With sixteen children. I know about pressure points! This book was extremely helpful in teaching me about healthy anger, the causes and reasons, and how best to take action without turning anger into resentment or hate. Put this on your '"must read" list.

Jill Williams, co-author of Rekindled

A nice girt shouldn't be angry.

A loving mother shouldn't be angry.

A minister's wife shouldn't be angry.

OK. then I guess I'm not. Or am I? For years I struggled with an unsettling feeling I called many things: frustration, depression, exhaustion, tension. I should hare called it anger. I wish Pressure Points, had been on my "must read" list years ago.

Lynne Hybels  co-author of Fit to Be Tied


Hardback Cover- 284 Pages

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