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Church Leadership

The Disciplemaking Pastor- by Bill Hull


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-


"Disciple-making is given lip service, but is not being practiced," writes Pastor Bill Hull. "We have lost the integrity of our mission." The solution is for pastors to start reproducing themselves through others. The Disciple-Making Pastor focuses on the importance of commitment to this vital task. This timely, practical discussion includes:

  • why discipling is crucial
  • the role of a disciple-making pastor
  • misconceptions that discourage discipleship
  • the commitment of the disciple-making pastor
  • practices that equip the church to take an active part in disciple-making
  • how to follow the teaching methods of Jesus Christ

In conclusion, Bill Hull explains the process of putting the elements to work in the local church. He draws on both biblical principles and his experience in this endeavour to provide clear instruction for implementing discipleship. Bill Hull believes that there is a crisis at the heart of the Church today. Too many leaders are not taking the Great Commission seriously; they lack the zeal to follow Christ wholeheartedly and sacrificially. As a result, church members are not living and serving as God intended.

"Until the energy of renewal makes its way into the leadership core, it will not be the heart of the church," Hull states. "Therefore it is crucial to place disciple-making at the heart of the church, so the life and vigour that are part and parcel of a disciple-making church will live in its leaders. If it lives in its leaders, they will pass it on from generation to generation. It will grow and multiply in the establishment of new churches. But it must come from the bottom up."

The Disciple-Making Pastor will guide you in building healthy Christians who are ready to obey Christ's mandate to make disciples.

"If we are going to see Christians in this country reflect Christ's values, we need to get back to serious biblical discipleship. The pastor is the key to this effort. Bill Hull's new book is the best work I've read on this issue. It is must reading for every pastor and seminary student in our land." Dr. Ron Jensen, President, High Ground Past President, International School of Theology

"Every decade a few books are written which clearly define the critical issues, masterfully present the biblical .truths, and radically challenge traditional approaches. The Disciple-Making Pastor is such a book! It is must reading for anyone serious about the Great Commission and truly concerned about the local church! I highly recommend this book. In my assessment, I know of no work which so clearly addresses what I believe are the most critical issues for the revitalization of the church in the 1990's... I would want all of church leadership to wrestle with this book!" Dann Spader, Director of Son Life, Moody Bible Institute

"Rev. Bill Hull throws down the gauntlet before a weak, self-indulgent, and superficial church that has been disci-pled by its culture.. .Rev. Hull does not speak as a theoretician but as a church-planting pastor who has taken the time to structure the church around a clear philosophy of "disciple-making." He carefully guides pastors through a re-evaluation of their function and priorities so that they can 'reshape the face of pastoral ministry' and become disciple-making pastors who ignite the church to action." Jim Westgate, Executive Director, Church Ministries Department Evangelical Free Church of America

Bill Hull, President of T-NET International, is the author of Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, The Disciple Making Church, and Can We Save the Evangelical Church?

Hardback Cover- 253 Pages

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