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Prophecy/ Future Events

Final Dawn Over Jerusalem- by John Hagee



Pastor John Hagee never dreamed that his life would change the night he took a bold stand against terrorism and anti-Semitism in his own hometown. Though his life was threatened, his property destroyed, and his peace of mind rocked, he stood with and supported the people of prophecy.. .and found his eyes opened to unimaginable horrors, unbearable atrocities, and unspeakable joys. 

In his dealings with the nation of Israel, the true people of prophecy, he has uncovered secret treasures of spiritual insights available to all believers.. .and a blueprint for the rapidly approaching end times.

In 1981, when Pastor John Hagee called for a "Night to Honor Israel," he had no idea of the opposition and anti-Semitism that would come forth from a heartfelt effort to support the Holy City of God. In Final Dawn Over Jerusalem, Hagee again calls all Christians to support and bless Israel and the Holy City of Jerusalem. You will discover what lies ahead, according to Bible prophecy, as Hagee discusses the secret meaning of Israel's seven feasts and how it pertains to everyone in these end times.

From being Christ - killers, to rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, to the Church replacing Israel, Hagee exposes myths that are held by many Christians in regards to Jewish people. In his plea to abolish anti-Semitism, Hagee notes that it is impossible to say "I am a Christian" and not love the Jewish people.

Pastor Hagee has long believed that the key to unlocking tomorrow's secrets is held in the Holy Land. And now, in Final Dawn Over Jerusalem, he uncovers more than the history of a country, but rather the history of the world as well as a forecast for the world. You'll see what is being done to Jerusalem in the name of "foreign relations" and "peace efforts."

As Christians and Jews, we have the responsibility to stand with Israel in maintaining a unified status while we can. Final Dawn Over Jerusalem maps out the road ahead and shows you how to equip yourself for the final moments of history.

Dr. John Hagee, author of the bestsellers Beginning of the End and Day of Deception, is the founder and pastor of the 16,000-mem-ber Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. He is the president of Global Evangelism Television, which broadcasts Pastor Hagee's daily and weekly programs on television and radio throughout the United States and around the world. John and his wife Diana have five children: Tish, Chris, Tina, Matt, and Sandy.

Hardback Cover- 211 Pages

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