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Biblical Studies

Roaring Lion- by Robert & Martha Peterson


The topic of this book is relevant and contemporary.
It's relevance is:
   Personal- Every Christian needs to know how to escape from the snare of the evil and how to release his other captives.
   Corporate- the devil is at work in the church today, producing lethargy, delusion, complacency or fanaticism as it suits him
   Cultural- the Asian environment is deeply spiritistic. Beneath the surface of "high religion" is the substrate of fear and spirits, anxiety, votive offerings, propitiation and mediumship.
   Theological- belief in the devil and demons is part of the warp and woof of the New Testament.
   Social and Political- In Revelation we read that foul spirits drive the world into chaos.  We need eyes to see the spiritual forces at work in our nation, society, town and neighbourhood.   In this Aquarian age, with modern communications technology, lies and fraud spread globally faster than ever before.  We are not to be ignorant of Satan's devices.

"Who are the casualties in warfare?  The disobedient, the unarmed, the weak, the undisciplined and those with illusions about the war being elsewhere!"

Paperback Cover- 145 Pages

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