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Biblical Studies

Not To The Strong- by Elwood McQuaid


Most failure among contemporary Christians is not caused by Goliath- sized problems.  We are inclined to stumble when believing God and obeying the simple dictates of His Word are neglected.  In Not To The Strong, Elwood McQuaid takes believers into the arena where their persistent foes are met.

The period of the judges was a time of national failure, spiritual disintegration, and moral decay.  It was, in fact, a time startlingly reminiscent of our own.  This volume isolates the four "heroes of the faith" from the era of the judges who are found in Hebrews 11- men selected by God to turn the tide and deliver Israel.  To the man, they were problem-plagued and failure-prone.  Indeed, in them we find reflections of our own tendencies toward fear, isolation, insecurity, and failure.  But mirroring failure is not the object of Not To The Strong, for the God who corrected, tempered, and forged them into submissive instruments of His will can do the same for us.

We will find our own reflections as we study Barak- the Faceless; Gideon- the Fearful; Jephthah- the Forsaken; and Sampson- the Failure.

Paperback Cover- 156 Pages

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