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Biblical Studies

Guarding The Gospel Of Grace- by David M. Levy


It's amazing how even the littlest misunderstanding about God's grace can complicate the Christian life.  when we lack peace, joy or victory in our walk with Christ oftentimes it's because we're not clear on how God's grace works in our lives.

In some cases, the little misunderstandings can lead to more tragic results.  It's safe to say that much incorrect Bible teaching and most cults get their start from the same place: an erroneous view of God's grace. 

David Levey centres his books around the books of Galatians and Jude because their teaching of grace is of primary importance in the church today for several reasons:

  • First, both books deal with the question of legalism. Understanding that we are saved not by the law, but by grace. Paul made it very clear that the Jewish believers find their identity in keeping the teachings of Christ , not the religious laws, teachings, and ceremonies of Judaism.
  • Second, both books deal with the question of Christian liberty. Believers are justified by grace through faith and have a perfect standing before God.  They have been set free from the law and are to be led by the Holy Spirit in their walk of faith.
  • Third both books deal with the question of licentious living.  Freedom in Christ does not mean that there are no limits or bounds for believers, nor is it an excuse  for people to live as they so desire. 
  • Fourth both books send a warning to leaders who pervert the teaching of liberty. Paul focused on denouncing the Judaizers' teaching that the gentile Christians must keep the ceremonial practices of Judaism.   Jude focused on denouncing false teachers who taught that Christians had license to live as they pleased because their sins would not be held against them.

The Gospel when properly explained will defend itself. But to properly guard against the onslaught of heretical religious systems, Christians must know how to rightly divide the word of truth. The books of Galatians and Jude should not only be read, they should be studied.  This resource will equip you to guard and defend the gospel of grace.

Paperback Cover- 206 Pages

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