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Personality Puzzle- by Florence Littauer & Marita Littauer


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

Personality Puzzle  will help you to put the pieces together in your workplace or in any type of group activity where you have to relate to people who don't seem to see things your way.

Through real-life situations and amusing personal anecdotes, the Littauers show you how to respond to co-workers in the best way possible.  And if you're in the process of recruiting new employees, you'll find helpful tips on producing effective advertisements targeted to specific personality types.

No matter where you work- in an office, church, hospital, store, school or on a construction site- you will begin identifying the personality types around you by observing the way they dress, carry out their responsibilities, and treat colleagues.  You will learn to appreciate the uniqueness and value of each "puzzle piece" so you can get along and work effectively in a harmonious, productive environment. 

When we understand the pieces of the puzzle we can be at peace with all people.

Paperback Cover- 207 pages

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