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Understanding The Male Temperament- by Tim LaHaye


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

Understanding the Male Temperament examines the four temperaments and their twelve possible blends and shows how they relate to the ten characteristics of manhood. "Human temperament," writes LaHaye, "can be the most fascinating subject in the world, particularly when applied to manhood."

This book takes an insightful look at masculinity and the male personality and explains men to themselves.  But it goes beyond that: it explains men to their wives.  Tim LaHaye helps men build on personal strengths and understand their weaknesses. This book will also help women understand why the men in their lives behave the way they do.

Chapters include:

  • The death of the John Wayne myth
  • Why you act the way you do
  • Accepting your partner's contrasting temperament
  • How to overcome your weaknesses
  • The twelve blends of temperament
  • Success without perfection

Hardback Cover- 263 Pages

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