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Drug Proof Your Kids- by Stephen Arterburn & Jim Burns


If you have a child age 14 or older, you can be almost certain that he or she has tried using drugs or alcohol. Eighty-five percent of all young people say that they have experimented with intoxicating substances—a statistic that includes children from strong Christian families. But there is something you can do. Drugproof Your Kids gives you practical, biblical steps that you can take to head off or, if necessary, work through a drug crisis. Co created by one of the nation's top youth leaders, and the director of a leading drug and alcohol treatment program, this book will help you understand why any child—your child—is at risk when it comes to drugs and alcohol. It will give you the most effective techniques available to keep your kids drug-free.

STEPHEN ARTERBURN is the cofounder and chairman of Minirth-Meier New life Clinics and co host of the Minirth-Meier New Life radio broadcasts. He is the best-selling author of 17 books, including Hand-Me-Down Genes and Second-Hand Emotions and When Love Is Not Enough. Arterburn received his bachelor's degree from Baylor University and his master's from North Texas State University.

JIM BURNS is the president of the National Institute of Youth Ministry- (NIYM) in San Clemente, California. He is the author of 90 Days Through the New Testament, The Youth Builder and the Youth Builders Bible studies. Highly respected for his expertise in the areas of youth ministry and parenting, Jim speaks to thousands of young people, youth leaders and parents across the nation and internationally. He and his wife, Cathy, and their three children reside in Southern California.


1. Drugs at Your Doorstep 

• Why Too Little, Too Late?

2. Just How Bad Is It? 

• Why Is the Problem Getting Worse? • The Drug-proof Concept

3. Roadblocks and Building Blocks 

• The Revolution of Change • Is There Hope?

4. Why Kids Take Drugs and Alcohol 

• Six Key Factors Leading to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

• The Path to Drug Abuse • A Success Story

5. Educating the Right Way at the Right Time 

• What Needs to Be Taught • Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse

• Alcohol Tolerance • Problem Drinking and Drunkenness

• Alcoholism • The Sin Issue • The Alcoholism Progression

• The Essential Facts

6. The Facts About Illicit Drugs 

• What You See Is Not What You Get

• The Essential Facts About Drug Abuse • Follow the Leader

7. Prevention Tools for Parents 

• You • God • Unconditional Love • Behaviour and Discipline

• Control • Contracts • Friends • Coping • Pressure

8. Identifying Chemical Abuse in Your Kids 

• Subtle Symptoms of Chemical Abuse

• Not-so-Subtle Symptoms of Chemical Abuse

• Sure-fire Indicators of Chemical Abuse • Drug Tests

• Parents' Reactions • Questions for Parents • Student Information

9. Learning to Intervene 

• Kids in Denial • Hitting Bottom • The Intervention Process

• Why Intervention Works

10. Obtaining Treatment 

• When Does a Person Need Professional Help?

• Making a Good Choice the First Time • Types of Programs

• Wrong Reasons for Choosing a Treatment Program

• Correct Reasons for Choosing a Treatment Centre

• Components of Quality Care

11. Parents' Guide to Handling Relapse 

• Recovery and Relapse Protection Plan

• Sample Recovery and Relapse Protection Plan

• Relapse Indicators • Ten Threats to Recovery • Conclusion

12. Motivating Others to Drug proof Their Kids 

• Parent Power • Positive Peer Power • The Church in Action

• Taking the Twelve Steps to Church

13. It's Never Too Late to Begin 

• Robert's Story • Help Yourself, Help Your Children

• Five Symptoms to Look for in Identifying an Addict

• Summary for Drug proofing

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