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Family/ Parenting

Parents With Broken Hearts- by William Coleman


Remember when your biggest worry was that they might fall off the tire swing?

Now your children are all grown up, with grown-up problems to match. If your heart has been broken over the destructive choices your adult children have made. William Coleman offers guidance and empathy.

Hurt over grown children touches the lives of even the most loving Christian parents, he says. Mixed in with guilt may also be a profound sense that God has let you down. You may wonder, "Where was God when my child went astray?" and "Why didn't God answer my prayers?"

Coleman addresses the issue of spiritual disappointment and gently leads you to the place of entrusting your adult children once more to God's keeping. He helps you:

accept what has happened to your family

stop blaming yourself

regain peace of mind

enjoy a fulfilling life despite your pain

Most of all, he delivers the much needed message that there is hope and healing available for every parent who has suffered a broken heart.

William Coleman has written more than 85 books, many of which deal with family concerns. A former pastor, he makes his home in Aurora. Nebraska.


  • Acknowledgments 9
  • It Could Never Happen 11
  • Not Alone 17
  • Separation and Loss 23
  • Why Children Hurt Parents 29
  • Letting Go 35
  • Sewing the Guilt Quilt 41
  • Envy and Self-Pity 47
  • The Limits of Pain 53
  • The Wheel of Emotions 61
  • Secrets of Imperfect Families 69
  • Birthdays and Holidays 77
  • Forgiveness Is Difficult 81
  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of Hope 89
  • Marriage Damage 95
  • Sibling Problems 103
  • Where Was God? 109
  • What We've Gained 115
  • If They Had Advice to Give 121
  • Looking for Purpose 131
  • Eating Pudding Pies 139

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