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Hope When It Hurts- by Larry Burkett with Michael Taylor


Where is God when we hurt? 

This question was faced head on by author, speaker, and founder of Christian Financial Concepts, Larry Burkett. Read about Larry's challenges with cancer and what you can do when devastating news hits. 

It began as a nagging golf injury. Then, doctors discovered two malignant tumours. Within two weeks, he underwent surgeries to remove his right kidney and his left shoulder blade. 

Cancer. The word strikes fear in the bravest of hearts. The diagnosis is dreaded, the prognosis often bleak, the treatments painful and debilitating. Only a few haven't been affected by the ravages of cancer, be it their own, a relative's, or a close friend's. The diagnosis is followed by shock, fear, sometimes denial, and always questions: Why me? Is my faith too small? Am I not right with God? Is He listening to my pleas? 

Renowned financial advisor Larry Burkett sets aside his usual field of expertise to share his fearful cancer experience. Often people give advice that harms instead of heals. This book, written by someone you already trust and respect, answers questions and provides practical advice for patients and family members in search of comfort. In Hope When It Hurts Larry talks candidly about: 

  • how his faith in Christ prepared him to face the prospect of death 
  • why he chose alternative cancer therapy treatment 
  • how to cushion the shock of difficult medical news 
  • how to help others diagnosed with cancer 
  • how serious illnesses affect friends and families 
  • how you can find peace in the midst of suffering 
  • how the prayers of God's people strengthened him 

Larry's testimony is clear: God is sovereign; God is righteous in all His ways; and God is faithful. 

Larry Burkett is founder and president of Christian Financial Concepts, a non-profit, nondenominational ministry that provides personal financial counselling and instructs individuals through nation-wide seminars. Larry holds degrees in marketing and finance. He hosts two radio programs, heard on 1,100 radio outlets, and has written more than forty books including the bestsellers The Coming Economic Earthquake, Debt-Free Living, and the novels The Illuminati and The Thor Conspiracy.

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