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David: Anchoring Your Heart Close To God- by Gene Getz & Tony Beckett


Jealousy...anger...worry...lust...and you haven't even had your first cup of coffee!

Every day of your life, from the moment you wake up, the cares and temptations of this world threaten to trip you up and drag you into failure and despair. In fact, one of the greatest challenges you will face as a Christian is to keep your spiritual, ethical, and moral bearings during your journey through life.

With a heart anchored close to God, you can survive...and thrive.
David: Anchoring Your Heart Close To God, a Bible study from Gene Getz and Tony Beckett, examines the soul of David--a man after God's own heart, but also a man who struggled with temptation and disobedience, David's life speaks loudly to every person who faces the lure of the world, who is enticed by sin.  This six-week study, filled with easy-to-follow guidelines and application questions, is perfect for group or individual use and will show you the importance of:

  • Responding to God with a repentant heart
  • Seeking spiritual renewal
  • Breaking destructive habits in life
  • Relying on God for daily strength

--all keys to experiencing the true blessing of God in your life.

1. The Man Who Lost A Crown (A Renewed Heart)
2. A Dead-End Street Named Self-Confidence (A Reliant Heart)
3. From Faith To Fear And Back (A Reflective Heart)
4. Keeping From Caving In (A Restrained Heart)
5. Form Or Function? (A Responsive Heart)
6. The Cry Of A Broken Spirit (A Repentant Heart)
7. Small-Group Covenant
96 Pages

Dr. Gene A. Getz is a pastor, church planter, seminary professor, and author of nearly 50 books, including The Measure of a Man and the popular Men of Character series. Presently, Gene serves as senior pastor at Fellowship Bible Church North in Plano, Texas, and is director of the Center for Church Renewal. He is also host of the syndicated radio program Renewal.

Co-author Dr. Tony Beckett, associate Bible teacher for the international ministry Back to the Bible, has pastored churches in Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, worked with camp ministries and church leadership councils, and served as an area representative for Baseball Chapel. Dr. Beckett and his wife, Joan, have three daughters.

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