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Adrenaline And Stress- by Dr. Archibald Hart


Psychologist Archibald Hart theorises that heart attacks and other stress-induced illnesses are the lethal by-products of too much adrenaline. He suggests ways to minimise these threats through adjustments in values and lifestyle.

Are you a workaholic. . .a Type-A personality. . .hooked on the "high" you get from the pressures of proving yourself to the world and everybody in it? In the fast-paced, pressurized environment of life in the 90's, many people may be hooked on the "rush" they receive from their body's own adrenaline-and not even know what's happening. But prolonged adrenaline arousal can lead to stress disease and-ultimately-premature death. Heart attacks and other chronic forms of stress-induced illness are the lethal by-products of too much adrenaline pumping through our systems. In Adrenaline and Stress, revised and updated with the latest research data, Dr. Archibald Hart tells how adrenaline gets going and how to get it down again. Dr. Hart's advice packed book points the way out of the trap toward a more peaceful, healthy life.

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