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World Religions

Holy War- by Bill Musk


Are we facing a clash of civilisations?

Tensions between the West and the Muslim world run high. Some Western media equate Muslims with fundamentalists - a serious error.

Nevertheless, in Muslim countries, anger with the West is widely seen as justified, particularly for the West's tolerance of injustices in Palestine. While grievances persist, there will be no shortage of willing Muslim martyrs, or Muslim attacks on Western targets.

What drives the Islamist agenda? How should Christians respond to aggressive Islam?

Islam itself tends towards fundamentalism. The Prophet Muhammad gained control of the holy site of Mecca by the sword. By the sword's equivalent today some Muslims seek to fulfil their interpretation of God's will. Dr Musk details the fundamentalist convictions, contemporary examples, and key figures, addressing central questions:

  • Where does authority lie in Islam?
  • How can reform movements develop?
  • How do "non-fundamentalist" Muslims view Islamists?
  • Can the West accommodate resurgent Islam?
  • Are all contemporary faiths streaked with a fundamentalist dye?


The Rev. Dr. Bill Musk studied history at Oxford and theology in London, Bristol, Los Angeles and Pretoria.  He has worked with Operation Mobilization, Living Bibles International, Middle East Media, the Church Mission Society and the Episcopal Church in Egypt, and is now the minister of a multi-ethnic Anglican church in south-west London.  He is also author of The Unseen Face of Islam.



Part One

  • Students at Large                                                            21
  • World's Most Wanted Man                                            33
  • I'm Sorry, I'll Read that Again!                                        50
  • People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't...                 60
  • Roadside Harvest                                                           70
  • Paradise Lost?                                                                72
  • Out of the Frying Pan...                                                   82

Part Two

  • Mastermind                                                                     93
  • A Bloody Affair                                                              106
  •  The Land of the Pure                                                     109
  •  By the Waters of Ismailiya                                             122
  •  The Godfather "                                                             131
  •  Khadija's Freedom                                                        143
  •  A Passionate Affair                                                        145
  •  People's Darling                                                             168
  •  Peacock's Match                                                           175
  •  The Great Satan                                                            183
  •  The Government of God                                                185

Part Three

  •  The Bottom Line                                                             207
  •  Tickets Please!                                                               219
  •  Points of View                                                                222
  •  Ruled Out?                                                                     233
  •  Slaughterers' Apprentice                                                 245
  •  The Final Word                                                              248


  • Appendix 1: Transliteration                                             273
  • Appendix 2: An Introductory Bibliography                      275
  • Appendix 3: Glossary                                                     283
  • Appendix 4: A Brief Survey of Armed Muslim Groups    290
  • Appendix 5: Notes                                                         296          

Paperback Cover- 320 pages

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