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The Pleasers- Women Who Can't Say No & The Men Who Control Them- by Dr. Kevin Leman


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

Are you overwhelmed by work? Home? Family? Do you feel manipulated, cheated, or abused?  Are you letting someone else control your life?  Now Dr. Kevin Leman Offers you the power to take charge as you learn how to:

  • Recognize what kind of pleaser you are
  • Discover and work with your "inner child"
  • Give yourself positive messages
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Choose Excellence above perfection
  • Create healthy priorities
  • Deal with a neglecting or rejecting man
  • Really get to know a man and choose the right one for you

The Pleasers is for the woman who can't say no to a controlling man who refuses to say yes to her reasonable requests for love, affection, and respect.
The Pleasers is for the woman who may be in real pain, caught in a situation in which she is abused physically and or verbally on a constant basis.
The Pleasers is for the woman who is entangled with a loser who keeps her hopelessly enslaved to his own weaknesses and addictive behaviour.
The Pleasers is for the woman who would like a little more respect at the petrol station, at the checkout counter, at the dinner table, and most of all, in the bedroom.

Paperback Cover- 299 Pages

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