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Hope For The Perfectionist- by Dr. David Stoop


From our stock of OOPS - (Officially Out Print Selection)-

Most of us live with a perfectionist. That perfectionist may be a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or even one of our children. Or we may live with a perfectionist only during the part of the day called "work," where the perfectionist is a boss or a co-worker. But many of us live with one all the time, for often the perfectionist we may live with is ourself.

Perfectionists are those who idealize almost everything around them. They set up standards and images for themselves and others that are impossible to meet. They find that much of their time and energy is spent trying to meet these expectations and trying to control their environment. And the people around the perfectionists are expected to work just as hard at meeting those standards.

Moroccans make rugs with deliberate imperfections. Designs are purposely woven with "mistakes" in the pattern. Rug makers believe it is either ludicrous or blasphemous to attempt perfection when only God is perfect, and flaws are seen as reminders that humans are only human. Hope For the Perfectionist is similarity imperfect (although for quite a while I was convinced it had to be perfect). I hope it will give you permission to accept the flaws and foibles in your life that only show you are human after all.

Paperback Cover- 176 Pages

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