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Leading With Love- by Neil Eskelin


Leaders who use "command and control tactics" are being replaced by a new breed of loving, dynamic leaders who write mission statements instead of rules and regulations. In this book, Neil Eskelin offers practical advice to people in all types of leadership roles. With examples from the lives of executives, pastors, and managers, he shows how the most effective leaders share authority and empower those they serve. Leading with Love answers many questions including:
Why don't dictatorial methods work?
How do I write a mission statement?
Is it possible to base my leadership on love?
How can I instil faith in those around me?
What are some sure-fire methods of team building?
Whether your position is in business, the church, a non-profit organization, or the home, Leading with Love will help you serve with caring and compassion.


Neil Eskelin is a distinguished speaker and author who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  His books, including Yes Yes Living in a No No World and The 24-Hour Turnaround, have sold more than one million copies.

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